MAY 27TH - JUNE 2ND 2017


Surfing and Yoga are a match made in heaven and it´s no accident that the two pair up so well. Pre-surf stretching has been a vital part of surfing since forever: you´ll never see a surfer enter the water without doing some stretching first. Unless you are a seasoned swimmer, arms are not used for paddling as a rule, so shoulders can react unpleasantly to the demands of catching lots of waves. Good balance is an essential part of the surfing process. Yoga brings together many of the skills you will need to learn to surf well and perhaps most importantly, helps to stretch, relax, repair and tone aching limbs.

We will guide and teach you to surf, share it's lifestyle and culture with you. If you are a seasoned surfer, we have our Magic Quiver of boards waiting for you to sample. For beginners, we are there to provide you with all that is necessary to launch you into this adventure.

During the Single fin Retreat, you shall experience Classical Hatha Yoga - Sivananda Style, Ashtanga Teachings and a Free Flow Yoga approach to guiding feeling and movement, which gets people radiantly healthy, free, creative and happy. Yoga is
a way of being, moving and healing that releases the stress and tension limiting our potential, teaching us how to move with grace and coordination through all kinds of challenge and leads to greater levels of health and fitness.

The main objective is to bring you here, to the present moment, using calm connected movement and a steady breath. Creativity is heightened. You achieve greater strength and movability in your body, and calm focused awareness in your mind. You move through the familiar and unfamiliar with far less effort.


5 Invigorating Morning Sessions, the perfect combination of Pranayama, Mudra, Kriya, Ásana, Dhyana and Yoganidra;
1 Sunset Gathering ( live meditative music )

Ayurvedic Massage Treatments

Surfboard Quiver available upon request

Daily Breakfast and Brunch included
Welcome dinner and other complementary surprises


Base Price 750€  (*) Room fee per person adds to base price
Detailed and Additional Information, Schedule and Prices available upon request


Nicole Carp is a yogini and mother...she is a supporter of natural movement and wonderful at pin-pointing your sore spots, gently encouraging your body to “give” and relax when breath and body connect deeper.

Nicole began pratising yoga in 1998 while she lived in Edinburgh, Scotland. Yoga first served as a complement to her active student lifestyle, but soon it became an integral part of her life. Parralel to working in the fields of International Business & Art Museums, as part of her karmic path, Nicole has explored several yoga approaches to understanding this 5000 year old tree of life – Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Tradicional Shivananda & Ivenygar yoga. It was back in Portugal that she trained in Classical Yoga at the Gayatri Yoga Centre in Lisbon, becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher from 2008 to present moment. Nicole´s approach to touch, support and healing draws additionally from Qi Gong, Buddhism and Strala Flow Yoga. 

Caroline Oulman has completed her Ayurveda Massage Trainings at the Oriental Institute of Therapy and Practice in Lisbon, as well as having travelled many times to India to deepen her studies. Sweet Caroline will introduce us to the ancient practice of Ayurveda, the “sister science” of yoga aimed at guiding us to optimal health. You will begin to understand the relationship between your body and your environment and how western medicine might fall short in addressing some of your health needs. You'll learn why your own voice just might matter most.


MAGIC QUIVER is a surf and coffee shop in the historic centre of Ericeira village. They are active in this retreat by providing us with a roof over our heads and also with their quiver of boards available to seasoned surfers. Our little surf shop is stocked with boards, surf literature, a selected range of clothing, fins and wetsuits. We brew specialty coffee and have a fridge full of portuguese craft beers.
Tres Ondas has been in operation in Ericeira since 2001. It sone of the oldest surf school here. They teach both in German and English language. The surf school offers intensive surfing courses for all age classes and levels.Frithjof Gauss, the first German longboardmaster and author of the book "Wellenreiten - From White Water to the Green Wave", will be teaching with his team, on Ericeira's most beautiful beaches.


Petrina Reddy practises designed and loves cooking for people.Coming from an Asian background, she will be creating vegetarian dishes with an Asian twist from scratch at the house. Here is a rough menu she will cooking at the retreat, Maldivian coconut tuna wrap + curried cous cos salad / Coconut Pumpkin Soup + brown rice salad / Tossed asian noodles with shrimp.

Single Fin Beach House A dwelling with dramatic sunset  and epic ocean views. Located along the World Surfing Reserve stretch of Ericeira. A 70's house is now given new breath of life.

The salty sea air, unobstructed views of the ocean and surfers on the peak, was what stole our imaginations. The building itself was in need of thorough work and remodelling. Epic sunsets, is the luxury of it all. Carefully curated items from our travels were added to the space. Local Cedar wood from our neighbourhood sawmill was used to build the beds and other basic pieces of furniture.

The pool house has unobstructed views of the ocean and dipping pool and a queen sized bed with ensuite shower. The main house has a fully equipped kitchen, large fridge, ample views of the ocean, a large bathroom, a room with 2 single beds on the ground floor and a master suite under the eaves taking up the entire top floor with it's own private balcony and elevated ocean views. There's a large deck that wraps around the house allowing for comfortable sunbathing and outdoor dining. Along with our dipping pool we've also built an outdoor shower area. We've created an outdoor shaded platform area for practicing yoga (allows 8-9 people comfortably) and running workshops.