Elegance. Soul Surfing. Subtlety. Unordinary. Experimental. Dreamy. Joy. Eurico Romaguera has an innate sense for creativity and inspiration when it comes to surfing.

Zé Pedro Alvarez: “Eurico is an artist on the board.

His dreamy style of surfing cannot be compared to anyone else and there is obviously something different about how he surfs the waves. His passion for the unordinary and experimental is reflected in the way he moves inside and outside of the water.

Photo Credit: Miguel Carvalho




"I don't have a philosophy, I have a camera" Saul Leiter.
Zé Pedro Alvarez is a photographer chasing the real moments of life with his camera. His love for Portugal and the life it encounters are the things that interest him.

While working 14 years in the telecommunications corporate sales industry, he gave his life a huge turnaround and is now doing what his heart is longing for: Photography.

You’ll find him around corners, out in the nature, just in the right moment for the unexpected click.

Photo Credit: Zé Pedro Alvarez

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From the cold waters in the North of Portugal, Nuno (aka ´Grilo´) started doing airs 15 years ago when it wasn’t so common to see in Portuguese waters. A new school surfer that craves for barrels and airs, loves music, art and knows how to enjoy life.

Nuno entered some regional and national competitions but realized he was more into the free surfing thing.  Computer Engineer by choice he brings the geekiness onto the water jumping through sections like the Millennium Falcon over the Imperials. And yes it’s a Star Wars reference. 

Changing between suits, he manages to have time to work and surf and create stuff. 

Photo Credit: Sebastian Drews


Swedish runaway engineer turned chef. Jakob left the office for a life near the ocean perusing the love for perfect waves ridden on different crafts. Weak for organic, local, spicy, simple, complicated but more then anything tasty food, he worked in everything from local shacks to Michelin stared restaurants all over the globe.

"All I want is to have fun, surf good boards and home shapes. Spend time with friends and family and enjoy what I have. Portugal gives me a chance to do that and I’m ever grateful." Jakob is supported by Oh Dawn.

Photo Credit: Jasper Molin Photography 

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Bernardo spent the 90’s wandering, surfing, skateboarding and BMX riding at the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema until he left behind the dream of becoming a professional athlete and decided to pursue a University degree in Product Design with an emphasis on Sustainable Development. 

His research on shaping and riding surfboards began with Alaias and Paipos, moving to hollow wood, and then to foam blanks. After some back and forth between the Golden State and Brazil,

Bernardo decided to relocate to the other side of the Atlantic, the beautiful cold water coast of Ericeira where he spends his time with research and design.

Photo Credit: Francisco Henrique Melim



His father is a surfer, he is a surfer, his children will be surfers. Growing up in Paris and the Basque country, he has been exposed to the urban and to the rural side of life. This influences his way of being. Surf is his ... Interesting times. Times when the boundaries blur. There’s no limit. No segmentation. SKOYA is part of a new breed. Not a writer. Not a painter. Not a poet. Not a thinker. Not a force of nature. Not a skater. Not surfer. Not a traveler.

But all of the above

Photo Credit: Francisco Henrique Melim






The 13 year old super grom is embracing the ocean in every aspect an quickly growing into an all around waterman.

You can find him in or around the water, surfing, bodyboarding, bodysurfing, fishing... Usually with a big smile and a cheeky line.