We have recently had the pleasure of having Micayla Gatto staying with us at Magic Quiver Surf Lodge.

In short, tell us something about yourself…

I'm an artist and athlete travelling the world creating stories to share and (hopefully!) inspire others to chase their passions and do the same!

What is your life philosophy?

Create what you want to be a part of :)  

What keeps you going?

I think what motivates me most is my curiosity of the world and always loving a challenge.  I think if we are stagnant in our lives for too long, we cease to grow.

 What brings you to Ericeira?

A friend of a friend of mine has surfed and stayed in Ericeira for years, and so, when she heard we were going to be shooting in Portugal, she suggested we take a slight detour from our mountain bike plans to visit one of the cutest and best spots in the country!

What do you like about our Surf Lodge?

The people would be number one!  Bust also the airy rooms, proximity to the beaches and shops, and the fact that I always get a good nights sleep :) 

What would you do, if you woke up with no plans in Ericeira?

I would start my day by walking a block to the Magic Quiver Cafe for some amazing breakfast.  I'd sit outside and draw, maybe order one too many coffees, then head to the beach! 

 Can you tell us about your future plans?

If I knew I would tell you!  Right now I'm just riding this wave of travel, riding, shooting, and discovering new places.  I'd love to get back to Portugal again this fall when the heat and tourists die down a bit. It's really become a relaxing oasis from the "real" world for me.