We're just a bunch of guys who really like that surfing thing. Different background, different goals and dreams, sharing moments in the water. Here you can follow our everyday adventures, struggles, success and failure. #mqcrew

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Mischief in command at Magic Quiver. Nomad at heart. Hailing from the landlocked country, Mario felt the constant call of the ocean since young age. After a long spell in an Asia he decided to come back to Europe and find a quiet little town on the Atlantic coast to call home. Ericeira became the base camp for explorations up and down the coast. 




Francisco was raised amidst Sintra’s green mountains and Mafra’s historical village. His first photographs were captured through a dusty Vivitar V3800N inherited from his mother. He was 15 at the time. Influenced by the suburban rhythms and idiosyncrasies linked to skateboarding’s culture, he early on sought to develop a unique and singular perspective of his surrounding world. Melim’s favourite languages are those of photography and filmmaking. His portfolio showcases a body of work blending urban and natural references featuring the human’s intimate interactions with these distinctive environments.






João Pereira was raised with the sounds of the sea in the fishing village of Ericeira. Surfing since 2000 and fascinated by design and audiovisuals. His creativity emerges from experiences in the ocean, nature and during his travels. A passionate heart and a backpack are his perfect combo for adventure. 




Marie has her roots in Germany but she soon developed an ever growing passion for salty waters.  The ocean is where she feels home and she blossoms out whenever there are waves around. Most of the times you'll find her in mellow waves riding her MS 9'0" love.  

Marie loves to travel around the globe, always searching for a coastal road - San Diego, Bali, Morocco, France, Spain and Portugal were just a couple of places, she visited and lived in.

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