• Harman Phoenix 200 135 - Analog Film

Harman Phoenix 200 135 - Analog Film

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HARMAN Phoenix 200 is an experimental ISO 200, C41 process, color negative film with high contrast and strong visible grain. It can be used for any photographic subject with results dependent on ambient lighting conditions, color palette, and exposure accuracy. Best results are typically obtained outdoors with consistent light and medium brightness scenes whilst metering for the mid-tones. HARMAN Phoenix’s high contrast can lead to punchy, vibrant scene rendition, even under softer lighting. When scanning both color and contrast may be rendered differently depending on the scanner and scanning parameters used. Adjustment of standard scanning parameters is advised to achieve the best results.

HARMAN Phoenix 200 is easily processed in C41 / CN16 processing chemicals. The best overall results are obtained at EI 200, however some exposure bracketing is advised with high brightness scenes or more challenging exposure conditions.

Exposures: 36
Type: 35mm COLOR
Expiration: 2025

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