• Magic Quiver - Maiden Voyage / Midlength Single Fin Egg
  • Magic Quiver - Maiden Voyage / Midlength Single Fin Egg
  • Magic Quiver - Maiden Voyage / Midlength Single Fin Egg

Magic Quiver - Maiden Voyage / Midlength Single Fin Egg

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The shortboard revolution of the late 1960s and 70s can be characterized by rapid board experimentation. Designs created, ridden but mostly long forgotten. Aside from the fish and bonzer, there is one other board from this era to remain as culturally relevant and relatively unchanged, the single fin egg. Often pigeonholed into the small-medium sized wave category of the California variety, our local waves required more versatility.

So we introduce the Magic Quiver Single Fin Egg, designed to act as a swiss army knife quiver killer. The board features an atypical rail profile, skillfully tuned foil and unique double concave starting towards the nose blending to spiral vee out the tail promoting total rail involvement. The marriage of a rounded pin tail and single fin sit the board naturally in the pocket of whatever size wave you’re comfortable and willing to ride.

Stepping up from a smaller board, the lower-mid size of the range is ideal for familiar reactiveness without feeling big. Longboard enthusiasts will benefit from the upper-end of the range to take advantage of additional glide and paddle. While it is in no way slow in terms of speed, a passive approach is required. Easy to oversurf and difficult to master. Not a beginner board but is without doubt user-friendly. Early entry, clean lines, quick transitions, flowing arcs and fall-line trims best characterize the ride.

Designer: Jon Mangiagli
Fin box
White opaque tint, sanded

6'6 - 20 1/4 - 2 1/2 - 34L
6'8 - 20 3/8 - 2 5/8 - 37L
6'10 - 20 1/2 - 2 3/4 - 40L
7'0 - 20 5/8 - 2 3/4 - 41L
7'2 - 20 3/4 - 2 7/8 - 44L
7'4 - 20 7/8 - 2 7/8 - 46L
7'6 - 21 - 3 - 49L

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