• Magic Quiver - Night Train / Midlength Twin Pin
  • Magic Quiver - Night Train / Midlength Twin Pin

Magic Quiver - Night Train / Midlength Twin Pin

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Australian inspired and refined, the channel-bottom twin pin has become a staple in quivers everywhere due to its unique and style-producing ride. Our combined love of this design has culminated into the Magic Quiver Mid Twin Pin, a familiar yet nuanced take on the unquestionable model.

Recognizable from a distance, this classic 70’s-style outline is highlighted by a forward wide-point, rounded-pin tail and beaked nose. A blended performance down rail offers a forgiving ride but keeps intact effortless down-the-line speed and ability to carve. The foam distribution and foil allow a unique experience on any part of the board. Quintessential deep four channel-bottom influences and maximizes water flow. Insert upright twin fins to liven things up, keels to promote drive.

Sizing the board is of personal preference and careful consideration to suit any style, wave or condition. Always presume an increased sensation of flow, acceleration and dependability. The back half of the board is where speed generation and power begin, the front half to step on the gas when needed. Centered trim, stretch-five tube runs, fluid-arcing carves and turns. A ride which feels loose, free and connected all at the same time...

Designer: Manuel Antunes
White opaque tint, sanded

6'4 - 20 - 2 7/16 - 34L
6'6 - 20 1/4 - 2 9/16 - 37.25L
6'8 - 20 1/2 - 2 11/16 - 40.75L
6'10 - 20 3/4 - 2 13/16 - 44L
7'0 - 20 7/8 - 2 13/16 - 45.25L
7'2 - 21 1/8 - 2 7/8 - 48L
7'4 - 21 1/2 - 3 - 52.25L 

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