Campbell Brothers - Mini Bonzer Light Vehicle 5'4

Campbell Brothers - Mini Bonzer Light Vehicle 5'4


5’5” x 20 1/2” x 2 1/2”

Shaper - Malcolm Campbell

The Mini Bonzer Light Vehicle (MBLV) is designed to be mainly a sub six foot board, although we do make them up to 6’4” or so for some bigger guys. The name comes from the fact that it utilizes the Bonzer Light Vehicle bottom which we first designed in 1977; and yes it is mini. The MBLV is a Bonzer 3, as that is what the original Bonzer Light Vehicle was. This board has great speed, manoeuvrability, and control. The tail isn’t super wide, which gives the MBLV good versatility. It Surfs frontside and backside equally well, and will handle some pretty solid waves for it’s size. It’s a great little wave catcher as well.

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