Donald Brink - Fancy Free 5'5 (Asymmetrical)

Donald Brink - Fancy Free 5'5 (Asymmetrical)


5’5” x 19 7/8” x 2 1/2”

Shaper - Donald Brink

Flavour: Floaty, pivotal and fast.

Conceptual elements: Short length, down railed full nose, twisted rockers ,tri-fin.

Volume: Pro, Semi-Pro/Groveller, Retro, Entry Level

Stance Specifics: Asymmetrical -Left Foot Forward (REGULAR)

A small buoyant board with asymmetrical advantages beyond most and a compact platform for doing progressive surfing in tiny waves or challenging canvases. Pulled off-set swallow tail and full volume twisted rocker with a down nose and fast front foot set up. ride small, Asymmetrical only. Twin trailer in short realm, thruster in longer stretched versions.

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