Panda - Rocket Fish 5'9

Panda - Rocket Fish 5'9


5’9” x 20 1/8” x 2 9/16”

Shaper - Blake Peters

The Rocket fish is a performance take on a traditional twin fin fish. The rocket fish is a lot more versatile, will handle more unpredictable beach break conditions and bigger waves compared to a traditional fish (but still easily tears up small waves). The rocket fish features a narrower outline, slightly more rocker and a single concave to moderate vee out the tail combined with a different fin template.

These features allow the rocket fish to surf more top to bottom and gives it that modern high performance feel whilst still maintaining that down the line speed and drive.

I would recommend this for anyone that usually rides a shortboard but wants to experience a proper twin fin without loosing the ability to throw the board around and hit a section when it presents itself.

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