Magic Quiver and Fine Gents present a Deus Ex Machina Party. We are proud to say we’re the first to show the brand new Deus movie: I HAD TOO MUCH TO DREAM LAST NIGHT.

This is your chance to catch it even before it’s being screened at the festivals this summer.

We are also doing a Deus Sample Sale with discounts on the clothes.

Come over for some chilled brew, some music and good folks. Ride On.


One of our favourite shapers, Ryan Lovelace, is coming back to Portugal, in May, to shape a limited number of surfboards.

From Hulls, to Twinnies and Quads to the amazing Rabbits Foot, there’s a lot of great boards to choose from.

You can check out Ryan’s work at

As always, all boards will be finished by Nico from Wavegliders.

Number of orders is limited so hurry up contacting us:



The last even is done and now it’s time to rest a bit and start working on the renovation.

Many people been asking why and what kind of renovation… be patient. In time I will reveal everything, let’s just keep it a secret for a couple weeks more!  One thing I can tell you, Magic Quiver is not moving! The shop will stay where it is.

There’s a lot of work to do but the plan is to open in early April.

In the meantime, the website, online shop, facebook and instagram will stay active. Still some boards and clothes to sell and every now and then I’ll be posting some info about the new Magic Quiver.

Just keep following us!




After 2 amazing years, it’s time for some changes at Magic Quiver Surfshop.

We’re planning a new and even better shop.  In order to make it happen we gotta close the shop for a few weeks. But we can’t just close, that’s not the Magic Quiver spirit. So we’re throwing one last party and doing a crazy sell out of all the current and past stocks (except surfboards!).

From Friday to Sunday we’ll have a huge sale of -60% on ALL stock (again, surfboards not included). On Saturday, February 15th it’s party time!

Starting around 14:30 we’ll have Captain Smutje playing some tunes and at 17:00 it’s movies time. In collaboration with SAL, Surf At Lisbon Film Festival, we’re screening Idiosyncrasies, Come Hell or High Water, Good Morning Miyazaki and after dinner The Heart and the Sea.

Plenty of good reasons to join us for some great moments and cold beers!

Full program available HERE or through our partner SurfPortugal Mag.

“A boutique experience awaits in a newly built luxury villa. Practise Asthanga yoga, Surf the waves of a World Surfing Reserve. Breathe in the ocean spray, Sunbathe, on one of it’s beaches located over 8km of coastline. It would be an extraordinary way to spend your summer holiday. There will be beautiful meditation and yoga sessions in the morning, followed by Surf Sessions. Sunbathing & Lazing by the pool, is another option. Ending the day with a lovely relaxing yoga session or talks on yoga philosophy. So that your mind, body and soul will be ready for the next day with love, light and awareness. We’ll also screen some surf movies.”

A perfect mix for your summer holidays, YOGA.SURF.SUN. July 5th- 12th 2014, Ericeira, Portugal.

All info at:


Mike Meyer, legendary J-Bay local, once described by Tom Curren as “economy of movements” translated in surfing, will be in Portugal next March shaping his own creations. Mike is famous among surfers either for his knowledge on how to surf the best right-hand point break in the world, as well as for his shapes and designs. Throughout the years, Mike Meyer has spent time in the shaping room with the likes of Dave Parmenter, Joel Tudor, Rod Dahlberg, etc… Among his most sought-after designs you can find vanguardist mini-eggs channel bottoms, or mini mals with side bite fins; the intriguing finless models Derek Hynd has made popular; or the classic semi-guns that the best surfers in the world try to ride whenever they pay a visit to J-Bay.

Mike Meyer will be shaping a very limited number of blanks so if you’re interested in getting one of his boards, contact the shop asap.

 mikemeyer2mikemeyer double 2 double1


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